Saturday, 14 April 2012

Vampire Moth

Calyptra - only the male drinks blood


17 March 2012 6:21PM
I would like to nominate Carole Jahme's Worth their Weight in Blood, available from Amazon , independently published by Mira Publishers and available on the web and as an e-book. This is the most extraordinary work, fusing sci-fi, Darwinian science, Gothic horror and small-town low-life. It is surreal, futuristic nightmare about the attempt to escape from the squalor of the actual into a "utopian" (but actually dystopian) world ruled by vampires. It is a scabrous, hilarious, satirical in the extreme and I could not stop reading it for 3 days on end. Please read this, you must treat yourself to it.

17 March 2012 9:34PM
Carole Jahme's incredible fusion of evolutionary biological theory and warm blood stained vampire themes is a truly captivating read. "Worth Their Weight in Blood" challenges us with colorful twists and turns based on solid scientific theory counterbalanced with equal measures of pure fantasy. I just loved how the novel left me pondering great ape evolution and human psychology concepts as much as it evoked irrational Nosferatu-esque fears.
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18 March 2012 12:40AM
I'd like to second (or third) Carole Jahme's book "Worth their Weight in Blood". Definitely weird and compelling. I like books with a biological science edge and this one has brought in some theory to launch us into its own fantasy/nightmare world. It's well written and destined, I suspect, for some sort of cult status if it remains little known for long enough....

19 March 2012 11:45AM
Author: Carole Jahme
Title: Worth their weight in Blood
Book synopsis on:
This book is essentially a sci-fi thriller but has a lot of philosophical concepts too. It portrays vampires (weirdly) as in intellectual and rational creatures in the quest to rid the world of the HIV disease.
I'd say this book is as much weird as it is unconventional. Without giving too much away, the irony is that for once the vampires become the hunted rather than the hunters. It depicting a pessimistic view of human nature instead of the usually evil nature of vampires, especially as the vampires as seen to be trying to save the human race of the AIDS disease.
EXCELLENT READ. Get it now on MiraIntelligentRead for the ultimate (weird) experience.
19 March 2012 5:48AM
Worth Their Weight in Blood’ by Carole Jahme is a real addition to science fiction. It stretches the imagination beyond any limit in such an elegant language. Rich in knowledge, passion and horror.
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Friday, 6 April 2012

BHA 2012 The Speakers


Richard Herring is the hugely talented British comedian and writer who started his comedy career with his long time friend and writing partner Stewart Lee. Richard is a Distinguished Supporter of the BHA.
Polly Higgins is an environmental lawyer and author who proposed to the United Nations that ecocide be recognised as an international Crime Against Peace alongside Genocide and War Crimes.
Professor Sir David King FRS is the former UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office of Science. He is currently Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment at the University of Oxford.
Ben Hammersley was born in Leicester in 1976. He is a renowned British internet technologist, journalist, author, broadcaster, and diplomat. His credits include Editor at Large of Conde Nast’s Wired UK magazine.
Kevin Warwick is Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. Sometimes called ‘The First Human Cyborg’ the Institute of Physics selected Kevin to illustrate the ethical impact scientific work can have: the others selected were Galileo, Einstein, Curie, Nobel, Oppenheimer, and Rotblat.
Carole Jahme is a journalist, author, broadcaster, performer and film and programme maker who manages to synthesise Darwinian theory in almost all of her creative ventures.
Paul McAuley is an award-winning science fiction author specialising in hard science fiction dealing with themes such as biotechnology, alternate history/alternate reality, and space travel.  Paul holds a Ph.D in Botany, and worked as a researcher in biology in various universities.
Gregory Claeys is an historian of radical, reform and socialist movements in late 18th and 19th century Britain. He has focussed on leading secularist figures and has long been interested in utopianism and dystopianism.
Roger Martin was a career diplomat for 22 years, serving in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the UN before resigning ‘in fury’ to become an environmentalist. He is now Chair of the environmental charity Population Matters.
Iszi Lawrence is an English comedian, illustrator and artist. She is the voice of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe and has her own weekly podcast Sunday’s Supplement which she co-hosts with TV writer Simon Dunn.
Mark Stevenson is a British author, comedian, businessman, public speaker and futurologist, as well as a former semi-professional musician. His stand-up material focuses on science and he recently released a book entitled An Optimist’s Tour of the Future.

The British Humanist Association 2012 Conference

Conference 2012

Beyond Tomorrow: Visions of the Future

Friday 8 June  Sunday 10 June 2012
National Museum Cardiff,
Cathays Park, Wales
CF10 3NP

Join us in Cardiff to explore visions of the future ranging from the apocalyptic to the utopian.

Book today: you never know what the future will bring!
 Or do you?

Find out more about our speakers here.
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Pondering the future is a very human trait, and millions of pounds and thousands of hours have been spent on imagining the future – from novels, films, and art, through to science. Together with friends and Distinguished Supporters of the British Humanist Association we will help to unravel some of the pressing questions and take a humanist look at representations of the future in art, literature, and science.
Tickets include full access to all the talks, entertainment on the Friday night featuring comed and the legendary pub-quiz, and a gala dinner on the Saturday evening will include the presentation of an award for services to Humanism.
Tickets are available from the BHA website. Prices start at £99