Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Ask Carole Column is back by popular demand                                            Ask Carole
Got a problem? Not sure what to do? Feeling Low? Then Ask Carole!

A BIG thanks to all those who emailed their problems to me via my website.  I hope the answers were helpful. 

The Ask Carole Agony Aunt column originated on the Guardian science page. You can still read it on-line. Click here. References and links are given to all manner of problems. 

Due to the continued demand for evolutionary advice I am re-launching the column. 

So, for those of you who are unable to find your own problem covered within the column you can post your problem here and I will try my best to answer you as quickly as I can. 

By contextualising problems within the theory of natural selection the Ask Carole Agony Aunt column is designed to give a general, evolutionary perspective to life’s little problems.

Disclaimer: If you have an urgent problem you should contact the emergency services or a medical practitioner immediately. Specific problems can require specialist intervention and you should request your practitioner refer you. Carole Jahme cannot be held accountable for any problems that you have, nor is she responsible for your actions after reading the Ask Carole problem pages.  Carole Jahme will not be able to answer all the problems received. Thanks.

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