Friday, 21 October 2011

Im sharing with you an email sent to me from my friend Kathi Austin, "on Tracking Viktor Bout"

Below is an email about the on-going trial of the notorious Viktor Bout
let's hope the dogged pursuit of this man by the beautiful, the brave and the extraordinary Kathi Austin will see justice done.

take it away kat:-

Hello Carole!

Victorious moments in the fight for justice are rare so I just wanted to share.....

Someone I tracked around the globe for 15 years, the world's biggest arms smuggler,
will finally stand trial beginning 11 October in New York. A milestone.

If you'd like, you can follow along to the final verdict as I blog for CNN from the NY courtroom
and comment in a daily blog for Channel 16 and on twitter.

Here's a start:

Follow my twice weekly CNN blog at
It begins on Tuesday 11 October. And don't forget to LIKE if you want to see these
issues covered more often.

Follow my daily courtroom blog at
We are up and running.....

Follow me on twitter for daily news and developments @kathilynnaustin

Television interviews on CNN and Fox News will be broadcast on the
opening day of the trial on 11 October.

For more details, check out our Conflict Awareness Project website (site re-launched shortly).

The trial will form the Epilogue of my forthcoming memoir, The Unofficial Spy.

I hope you will follow along and spread the word!

All the best, Kathi

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