Saturday, 15 October 2011

London Film Festival

It's the first weekend of the 55th London Film Festival and I've got a number of films lined up to see. Starting today 14.10.11 with a newly restored Rossellini "The Machine that Kills Bad People" - I sure could do with one of those...

The new plush red soft furnighing in NFT 1 is most appealing. I really enjoyed seeing Rossillini's The Machine That Kills Bad People. You can see where Isabella gets her whimsy from. But a surprise treat was the inclusion of Melies A Trip to the Moon.
The short film was originally colour, I didn't know this, recently a surviving colour print was found and digitally restored. Air composed the new sound track and it was an absolute treat to see it. I'll be back down on the South Bank this weekend, so many great films to see, so little time...

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